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    The Thyroid Solution Diet includes detailed exercise illustrations from Dr. Arem’s 20/10 program with 100 step-by-step photos for a total lifestyle revolution. Here is an excerpt from the book:

    Flexibility is essential when you’re building muscle and working hard at cardio. It can prevent soreness, increase your range of motion, and minimize injury. It also helps you maintain proper form throughout your 10 minutes of weight training, where form is everything.

    Give yourself five minutes to stretch and warm up your body before your workout. Move through the five stretches below (left to right, top to bottom – Standing Hip Flexors, Calves, Pectorals, Side Bend, Hamstrings), holding each for 30 seconds on both sides, and never bouncing.

    You can learn lots of other stretches from instructors in yoga, stretch exercise classes, or a personal trainer.

    Take a couple five-minute daily stretch breaks to keep muscles loose and posture perfect. You’ll be amazed at how well stretching relieves the cramped stiffness you might feel sitting at a computer all day.

    Ten to 15 minutes of yoga is a perfect trifecta of strength, stretching, and relaxation. Some of my patients who choose yoga as their relaxation technique (page xxx) incorporate its powerful poses into both stretching and strength training. Yoga looks fluid and easy when done by someone with great strength…and yoga is how they usually got so strong.

    from The Thyroid Solution Diet — © 2012 Ridha Arem, MD